How can I get the height of a widget?

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How to Get the Height of a Widget in Flutter 💭📏

Are you facing the challenge of determining the height of a widget in your Flutter app? 🤔 Don't worry, you're not alone! Many developers struggle with this issue, especially when working with widgets provided by other developers.

In this guide, we'll explore various approaches to getting the height of a widget, including popular options like LayoutBuilder and CustomSingleChildLayout. 💡 By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of how to solve this problem and achieve those special scroll effects you've been dreaming of! 🚀

The LayoutBuilder Dilemma 🤔📏

One commonly recommended solution is to use the LayoutBuilder widget. This widget allows you to access the constraints passed to a child widget during layout, which can be used to determine its height. However, some developers find themselves facing unexpected results when using LayoutBuilder.

Here's an example of how you might try to use LayoutBuilder to get the height of a widget:

  builder: (BuildContext context, BoxConstraints constraints) {
    double height = constraints.maxHeight;
    print(height); // Output: Infinity

    // Perform further calculations or effects

    return Container(
      // Widget content

As you can see, the maxHeight in this case is returning Infinity. This result might not be what you expected, especially when trying to perform specific scroll effects or calculations. 😫

Enter CustomSingleChildLayout 🚪✨

Fear not, there's another widget that might come to your rescue: CustomSingleChildLayout. This widget provides a delegate to control the layout and position of a single child widget. By extending SingleChildLayoutDelegate, you can define custom logic to determine the size and position of the child widget.

Here's an example implementation of a CustomSingleChildLayoutDelegate to get the height of a widget:

class MyCustomLayoutDelegate extends SingleChildLayoutDelegate {
  Size getSize(BoxConstraints constraints) {
    double height = // Calculate height based on the child

    // Return the calculated size
    return Size(constraints.maxWidth, height);

  BoxConstraints getConstraintsForChild(BoxConstraints constraints) {
    // Return constraints for the child
    return BoxConstraints.tightFor(width: constraints.maxWidth, height: double.infinity);

  Offset getPositionForChild(Size size, Size childSize) {
    // Perform desired calculations or effects based on size and childSize
    // Return the position
    return Offset(0, 0);

  bool shouldRelayout(covariant MyCustomLayoutDelegate oldDelegate) {
    // Define relayout conditions based on your use case
    return true;

Now that you have your custom delegate, you can use it with CustomSingleChildLayout:

  delegate: MyCustomLayoutDelegate(),
  child: Container(
    // Widget content

In the MyCustomLayoutDelegate, you can leverage the getSize method to calculate the height of the child widget based on your requirements. Additionally, the getPositionForChild method allows you to perform any necessary effects or calculations using the size and childSize attributes.

The Constraints Challenge 📏🚧

While the CustomSingleChildLayout approach appears promising, there is a caveat that you should be aware of. The getSize method is called before the getPositionForChild method, and during this initial call, the constraints received might not be suitable for determining the child's height.

In the provided scenario, you mention using CustomSingleChildLayouts within a ListView. This setup often leads to the getSize method receiving constraints that have a height range from 0 to double.infinity. 📉📈

To handle this situation, you have a couple of options:

  1. Return constraints.smallest in the getSize method, indicating a height of 0. This may not be ideal for your use case, but it can prevent crashes caused by returning constraints.biggest (double.infinity).

  2. Modify your layout or widget hierarchy to better align with Flutter's layout system and ensure that the parent's size does not depend on the child's size. This can involve restructuring your code or considering alternative layout options.

Conclusion and Your Call to Action 🏁📣

Getting the height of a widget in Flutter can be challenging, but armed with the knowledge of CustomSingleChildLayout and its delegate, you now have a solid approach for accomplishing this task. 🎉

Remember to consider the constraints challenge when implementing this solution and choose the best approach for your specific requirements.

Have you faced this issue before? How did you solve it? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below! Let's learn and grow together as a Flutter community. 🌟💬

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